, Enrollment


To enrol at Andersen International School a meeting is required to be scheduled between the parents of the prospective student and the Director or Head teacher.
By enrolling your children at Andersen International School during their early years (nursery and kindergarten) it will be easier to ensure their place in the school for the following years. Starting from Year 1 pupils are required to pass an Admission test.

Admission Procedure:

  • Parents call the school office to arrange an appointment for the school visit
  • Parents are kindly asked to complete the informal meeting form before the scheduled appointment. Please click on the following link to download the form: Informal Meeting Form.
  • Parents are also asked to send a copy of their child’s most recent school report
  • After the first visit, an Admission test is required for students interested in enrolling in the primary school and middle school.
  • The school will then communicate the test results to the parents
  • Parents that decide to enrol their children will need to sign the enrolment contract and pay the admission and enrolment fee.

For further information call +39 02 70006580 or e-mail secretary@andersenschool.it