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Chromebook High School

It’s time to keep the pace with changes in technology and in the digital world students are living in.

Technology its just a tool, and the point in education is to teach its uses for common activities like study, research, creating content, and so much more!

What kind of device for students

We need a device that is light, with battery lasting at least 3-4 hours and durable materials.
There are a lot of choices in the market and among all of them we considered the Chromebook laptops to be a good solution.

The Chromebook Technology

Chromebook is the common name for a category of computer, usually notebooks, run by a system called Chrome Operative System, created by Google instead of the usual Microsoft Windows.

Chromebooks works great with Google Workspace for Education, a cloud software suite the School is already proficiently using since 2018.

Chromebooks are usually lighter, cheaper and with longer lasting battery compared to Windows’ laptops. They have some limitations, of course, but – anyway – they’re a great solution for a personal device to use in school.

Thecnical Specs

Non Touch 
Acer Chromebook 314 C934-C62M (NX.K06ET.00E)
Acer Chromebook 314 C934-C9C6 (NX.K06ET.00J
Asus Chromebook Plus CX3402 (CX3402CBA-PQ0100)
Acer Chromebook 314 C934T-C7SQ (NX.K07ET.005)
Acer Chromebook 314 C934T-C44H (NX.K07ET.003)
* the choice between Touch or non-Touch is at the discretion of the student.