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The Psychological Listening Desk

The Psychological Listening Desk offers all students the opportunity to benefit from psychological counselling within the institute.

The space will be dedicated primarily to young people and their problems, such as difficulties with the world of school, family and peers, and will offer them the opportunity to prevent or deal with psychological distress. The psychologist will work in synergy with the school to promote wellbeing and prevent discomfort, with the aim of making the help desk a point of reference and a space that offers a welcome and listening ear, and as such does not only deal with discomfort, but also with increasing the personal resources and skills of young people.

The Psychological Listening Desk is reserved for students from Y6 onwards, you can request the participation form from the school office.

Progetto sportello psicologico (6 anno)

The Psychological Listening Desk (Year 6)