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According to paragraph 14 of article 1 of law no. 107 of July 13th, 2015, “each school institution prepares, with the participation of all its components, the three-year plan of educational offerings, which can be revised annually. The Plan is the fundamental document that constitutes the cultural and projective identity of school institutions and specifies the curricular, extracurricular, educational and organizational planning that individual schools adopt within their autonomy” (Regulation on school autonomy, Presidential Decree March 8th, 1999, no. 275). The PTOF is subject to the funds, human resources, facilities and equipment provided by the competent bodies. The following plan, while confirming the general structure, aims, and objectives of the Andersen International School, represents the operational model aimed at continuous improvement of all processes that the school will implement. The Plan was developed by the teaching staff based on the guidelines for school activities and management and administrative choices defined by the Headteacher.

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